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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I upgrade to the latest ProcessVue Guardian software if I am using an older version of Windows?  
  2. Do I have to stop my ProcessVue software to upgrade my licenses  
  3. Do you have a getting started guide?  
  4. Frequency Analysis runs on a single window, how do I run it on the whole system?  
  5. I can't login to the FTP Server to download the latest version  
  6. I have an Alert system and would like to record it's Alarms in ProcessVue, is this possible?  
  7. I'm using SQL Express and ProcessVue isn't accepting any new data and the memmory allocation of the Archiver continues to grow  
  8. I've added a new Collector to the Archiver but when I try to assign the port mappings to tell the Archiver where it can find the new Collector the configuration is empty?  
  9. Is it possible to use the ProcessVue software with Four or more Collectors?  
  10. My automated reports are failing to run and the Analyser isn't recording any new KPI data?  
  11. On a Wonderware Input Is it possible to change the delimiter passed from ProcessVue?  
  12. The Analyser Standard Report - Top Alarm Duration Summary is only displaying data for 1 month even though I ran the report over 3 months  
  13. The Analyser Standard Report - Top Alarm Duration Summary stops reporting alarms after a certain point in my chosen date range, I know they exist I can see them in the SOE  
  14. The Collector Service fails, with the error below being recorded in the windows system event log. Why ?  
  15. The Data Collector randomly crashes, what could be causing the issue?  
  16. The installation of either the SOE or Analyser thin Client fails almost immediately, what could be causing it to fail?  
  17. The ProcessVue website theme is not displayed correctly  
  18. The ProcessVue Website will not load.. it shows a blank screen  
  19. What version of SQL Should I purchase for use with ProcessVue and how many CAL's should I buy?  
  20. When I open ProcessVue in IE11 the windows are all truncated and appear on the left hand side  

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