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My automated reports are failing to run and the Analyser isn't recording any new KPI data?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Check your automated reports configuration, look for any report that may be set up to print to a file or a device that requires user interaction, for example a prompt that allows you to manually enter a path for saving a file. ProcessVue runs as a service by default which means it runs without desktop interactivity and has no graphical interface, this means that if you set up an automated report to print to a file printer or a device that produces a prompt for user input you will not see the prompt appear and no further reports will be generated, the reports will hang because the software is waiting for the user to interact with the invisible prompt before moving on to the remaining reports. Any output device that requires user interaction will cause a problem.

We recommend changing the file printer or device to an output format that is supported by the software eg, XLS.

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