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How to License KEPServerEX V6 Offline ?
Last Updated 3 years ago

For more detailed activating and transferring instructions—as well as information on upgrading licenses, renewing Support & Maintenance, and troubleshooting licenses—please refer to the License Utility help file.

Activate one or more KEPServerEX Version 6 licenses in a single transaction online or offline. Watch the Video for a six-minute demonstration.

Activating Offline

  1. To start, open the License Utility on the host machine.
    • Right-click on the KEPServerEX icon located in the System Tray and then select License Utility.
  • Or
    • All Programs / Kepware / KEPServerEX 6 / License / License Utility
  • Or
    • If the Start Menu and Taskbar options are not available
      • "C:\Program Files (x86)\Kepware\KEPServerEX 6\activationclient.exe"
2. Caution: Access to the License Utility may be password protected if the option was chosen during the install process.


3. Verify the “Perform Licensing Operations Online When Possible” option has not been selected, and then select Activate


4. Select “I have one or more software activation IDs”


5. Locate Activation ID within purchase fulfillment email (Example shown below).


Note: The Emergency ID is meant for restoring server functionality during off hours and will expire one week after activation

6. Copy and Paste the Activation ID into the text box field. Then, click Save to File.You can leave this screen open as we will use the Import File button in step #11


NOTE: The (Optional) fields are useful for Tech Support to locate a lost license, populating them is highly recommended

7. The License Utility will generate the request file (“activation_request.txt”) and then display a file-browse dialog. Save the request file, making note of its location as it will be sent to the My Kepware portal in the next step.


Note: The default filename for the activation request file is “activation_request.txt”. Users can rename the file to ease license management, which may be especially helpful when activating more than one product at one time.

8. In an internet browser, navigate to the My Kepware portal at Returning users will be prompted to enter login information, whereas first-time users must create a new My Kepware Account to continue.

Caution: Microsoft Edge browser has known incompatibility issues with this process; use of an alternate browser is recommended

9. Once logged in, select Activate Product License


10. Now select Upload Activation Request File

11. Complete all required fields on the form, and then click Generate Activation Response File. Save the activation response file (“response.txt”) to portable media.


Note: The default filename for the activation response file is “activation_response.txt.” Users can rename the file to ease license management, which may be especially helpful when activating more than one product at one time.

12. Next, return to the License Utility. Click Import File and browse to the downloaded “activation_response” file received from the My Kepware portal, and then click Open.


Note: At this point, the response file will be processed.

13. Upon successful activation in KEPServerEX, an Activation Complete screen will be displayed


14. Click Close to exit or Next to access the View Licenses page.


15. Click Close to exit the License Utility

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