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How to Upgrade with Software Activation IDs from V5.X to V6.X with Internet Access
Last Updated 4 years ago

  1. Retrieve the V5 Activation ID(s) using the License Utility.
  2. Upgrade the Activation ID(s) from Version 5 to Version 6 using
  3. Transfer the V5.X license(s) off the machine using the License Utility. This will initiate a two-hour, time-limited mode. Please ensure timely completion of the subsequent steps.
    Note: This process is valid for updating KEPServerEX on the same machine. To activate on a separate machine, you will need to transfer the V5 license using This will initiate the two-hour, time-limited mode.
  4. Copy and paste the V6 Activation ID(s) from into the License Utility.
  5. Activate one or more licenses using the License Utility.
  6. Your new Activation ID(s) should now show Good status in the License Utility.
  7. Download the V6 executable and upgrade to the latest version of KEPServerEX.

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