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Why am I getting error 7288?
Last Updated 5 years ago

  1. The license has already been activated; there are no remaining activations available.
  2. A V6 license created by upgrading a V5 license must be activated on the same machine as the activated V5 license. Otherwise, the V5 license must be transferred and returned to MyKepware. The V6 license can then be activated on a different machine.

  1. Locate the existing product installation and transfer the license back to the My Kepware portal to make it available for use on another system. For instructions, refer to Transferring a License.
  2. Purchase a new product online, by contacting Kepware's Sales team, or through a Preferred Distributor.
  3. If recovering from a hard drive failure, contact Kepware's Technical Support or Sales team to discuss options for recommissioning the license. The Emergency Activation ID can also be used in the meantime.

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