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How can i use the SD card to extend eWON's Memory
Last Updated 4 years ago

Since firmware v12.1s2, it is possible to extend of the embedded filesystem of the eWON Flexy and Cosy 131. Thanks to the Extended User Memory Card (EUM Card), the /usr directory of the eWON can be extended to increase eWON's memory using the SD Card slot.

The EUM Card must use the ext3 filesystem (or Third Extended File System). This extension is commonly used by Linux based environment and is chosen to ensure a high level of reliability. The EUM Card must be formatted in this ext3 filesystem and the cluster size must be >= 4Kb in order to work properly in the eWON. For Windows users, an external tool is needed to format/explore correctly the SD Card. You can use EaseUS Partition Master Free if you are using Windows.

Type of Card:

Regarding the type of the EUM Card, we strongly recommend using an industrial grade SD Card based on SLC which doesn't exceed 4Gb. Other types will work but are not designed for industrial applications.

eWON EUM Card:
eWON proposes its own EUM Card:
  • Capacity of 1Gb
  • Originally formatted in ext3 filesystem
  • SLC type
The differences with other SD Cards are mainly
  • the sustainability
  • a higher amount of Program/Erase cycles per lifetime (especially in a wide range of temperature)

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