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How to perform a Level 2 Reset on an eWON?
Last Updated 4 years ago

Second Level Reset

The second level reset will format all non volatile memories and returns the eWON completely to its factory default settings. To perform a second level reset, press and hold the reset button for around 20 seconds. The USER LED will initially flash (indicating first level reset), continue to hold until it becomes solid red. Release the button and wait for around 90 seconds.

Initially after a second level reset, the eWON will perform a hardware auto test. If this completes successfully, the USER LED will flash with the pattern of 0.2 seconds on, 1.5 seconds off. If the test fails, the LED will blink on 0.2 seconds, turn off and then flash 1 second on/off a certain number of times that indicates the failure. If this occurs, please contact an HMK engineer. This procedure must be completed without interruption - failure to do so could corrupt the flash memory and the reset must be performed again.

Once the auto test is complete the eWON must be power cycled. This reset will cause the following operations:

  • Formatting of all non volatile memories including communication parameters and IP addresses
  • Full hardware auto test
  • Return to factory default

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