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What is Dual Homing II?
Last Updated 9 years ago

Dual Homing II is the most important feature of Korenix 2nd generation Ring redundancy technology. When you want to connect multiple RSR or form redundant topology with other vendors, Dual Homing II allows you to enable RSTP (Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) and RSR from one device at the same time. Thus you have more flexibility and standard RSTP way to construct your network topology. As what is shown in the figure below, you can enable RSTP and RSR from JetNet 5010G at the same time/port. 
Then JetNet 5010G ring can be protected by Rapid Super Ring while the connection to the other vendors can be protected by RSTP. In Dual Homing I released with JetNet 4000/4500 series, you have to configure additional port as Dual Homing port to two uplink switches. In Dual Homing II, you don't need to configure specific port to connect to other protocol. Just keep RSTP in Enable, Dual Homing II will then make connection and be protected by standard RSTP.

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