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What to do when getting the error message 'Route cannot be added: Invalid Route address (code 3) or Route Cannot be added: the eWONs LAN conflicts with the LAN of this computer... (Code 4)
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The issue is about an IP address conflict, the IP address range of the Internet input to eCatcher, LAN & WAN IP address to the eWON and the VPN Server IP address ranges are all required to be different to prevent an IP address conflict. Check to see which IP address ranges are mentioned in the error message and try changing one of conflicting IP Address ranges where possible to something different from the range of the conflicting IP address range mentioned. In the case of changing an eWON LAN IP address this will also mean your changing the IP address range of the devices behind the eWON to the new eWON IP address range to make the devices come on to the new eWON LAN.

If still experiencing the IP address conflict issue, a backup of the eWON and eCatcher System logs will contain all the IP address settings used to establish the VPN connection on the eWON, these two groups of data can be sent to tech support for further analysis of the IP address conflict issue.

Here's how to make a backup of the eWON using eBuddy and system log files in the sections below:-

eWON Backup
- Connect locally to the eWON on port 1-3 using a network cable to your computer.
- Launch eBuddy, the eWON should appear in the eBuddy application window
- Select the eWON next click on 'Backup/Restor',
- Follow the process to backup the eWON, and ensure to select 'Add Support files'
- Complete the backup process and send the generated .tar file back

eCatcher System Logs
- Launch eCatcher and log into your eCatcher account.
- Go to the 'settings' at the bottom of the left navigation pane
- select the 'system logs' tab
- click 'ok to the collect system logs window and then select 'open containing folder' in the subsequent window
- select the zip file and send back along with the eWON Backup.

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