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I have an AnyBus BOLT. How do i reset the unit to factory ?
Last Updated 3 years ago

Factory Restore

Any one of these actions will restore the factory default settings:
  • Clicking on Factory Restore on the System Settings page
  • Executing Easy Config Mode 2
  • Issuing the AT command AT&F and then restarting the unit
  • Holding RESET pressed for >10 seconds and then releasing it
The RESET button is located on the bottom of the unit. When the unit is powered on, press and hold RESET for >10 seconds and then release it to reset to the factory default settings.

Recovery Mode

If the web interface cannot be accessed, the unit can be reset by starting in Recovery Mode and reinstalling the firmware using Anybus Firmware Manager II, which can be downloaded from To enter Recovery Mode, press and hold RESET during startup.

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